Monday, April 2, 2012

'Blood Money' is not what you expect to be: Kunal

Kunal Khemu, after doing a variety of films, from sex thriller to comedies, has now tried his hands on an outright thriller " Blood Money" where he shares the screen with Amrita Puri and Mia Uyeda.

Talking about the film, Kunal says, "It's not a sex thriller as people might be thinking due to the leaked scenes between me and Mia. Rather it's a story of a small town guy who comes to a big city and gets entangled in the big ugly corporate world. What follows is a hurricane ride where his sense and sensibilities are tested at every step."

"Blood Money" is yet another film which has been shot in the exotic locations of Cape Town, and due to the script's demands they had to shoot in summer clothes when it was chilling in Cape Town.

To which Kunal laughs and shares his plight saying, "I was put in front of the camera in a normal shirt when it was really cold outside. I used to get shivers and still had to maintain a straight body so that the shivers are not visible on screen. While the rest of the crew was nicely tucked in heavy jackets and warm clothes. Though it was tough, it was a lot of fun."

"Blood Money" is also the debut film of model turned Vj turned actor Mia Uyeda, who shares a steamy on -screen scene with Kunal, which remains the sole talking point of the movie.

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