Thursday, April 12, 2012

Claudia Price Unveils Her New Boobs!!

I was reading Claudia Price's blog a couple of weeks ago where she informed her fans that she has had surgery to remove her breast implants. I decided that I would be the first blogger apart from Claudia herself to bring you the new-look Claudia, and here she is!
Firstly though I'd like to quote Claudia herself   " I have done it! I have had my breast implants removed and couldn't be happier:-) I have been admiring small boobed ladies everywhere since I decided a while ago I wanted to be implant free. I love the way they look so cute and so sexy I just had to have mine back. I am feeling great due to the fact I was awake during my surgery  which took about an hour to do. Immediately  after I felt lighter, slimmer and healthier without my big plastic airbags. None of that sicky feeling I get after a general anesthesia."

 I am very pleased to bring you the first pictures of Claudia's new boobs, and I think they look sensational, especially as those wonderful erect nipples now look even bigger than before. Claudia will be modelling again soon, and I am confident she will be just as successful as before. Look out for Claudia on her blog, her Southerm-Charms site and also find her at
Claudia I think maybe you are setting a trend, and perhaps we will see more models having the courage to go back to their natural state.

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